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Having the Perfect Wedding Experience, Weddings are among the greatest days of a couple’s life. It might be the most beautiful day of your life, or it may turn out to be a catastrophe if you don’t plan ahead of time. We provide a directory of Singapore’s best wedding professionals to take care of every element of your event at Amare Wedding. Our bridal boutique also has a wide range of wedding goods, from wedding favors and gifts to wedding decorations, accessories, and one-of-a-kind invitation cards available all day, seven days a week. With the help of our wedding specialists, you can organize this festive occasion with us and browse our wedding shop for your customized wedding concept.

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You’ll be able to find out more about our wedding planning service, contact us immediately and experience the excitement of being a part of it all again! Thank you for taking the time to check out this page.

Find a Good Vendor that Is Dependable

Our directory lists dependable wedding vendors and services, so you can easily locate them. You may also use our recommendations to choose the finest vendors.

Wedding Without Stress

We at Amare want your wedding planning experience to be stress-free and pleasurable. There will be no more stressful planning process for you. At Amare Wedding Directory, we’ll only book the best wedding planners and suppliers to assist you. Experience advantages with a free trial. The cost is low and there’s no risk! Simply fill out the form below to get started now. This is why it’s critical that each one of the marriage planners on our site are:

  1. We are a seasoned team of wedding planners that have a lot of expertise in the field. We place a high value on trust and integrity.
  2. As a wedding planner, I am passionate and enthusiastic about my work. Wedding planning is no longer just a task for us; it’s a commitment to all of our couples.
  3. Have a beautiful portfolio and testimonies from previous couples whom we’ve already served. Making certain that each of them receives the finest treatment possible

Wedding Presents & Favors

Do you have any wedding gift or favor suggestions? We offer a variety of different wedding door presents and favors that you may select for your real-life wedding day. We also provide lovely wedding gift packaging that you may make yourself. Surprise your guests with our inventive and one-of-a-kind wedding favors, and they’ll remember you fondly. Now is the time to shop with us!

Decorations for a Wedding

Do you have a wedding theme in mind? If you’re creating your own wedding theme, you’ll need to stock up on decorations. We provide a comprehensive selection of wedding decorations, including creative lighting ideas, party items, and even wedding guest books. You may create your own wedding reception and photo booth area with our goods to give your guests and yourself a fantastic unforgettable experience. Shop Now!

Guest Book for a Wedding

A guestbook is a wonderful way to preserve memories of your wedding day permanently, whether it’s for keeping track of how many people attended or as a beautiful keepsake. Through your guestbook, you may reminisce about the fantastic aspects of your marriage with friends and family years after the event. It’s also an excellent way to document the messages from your guests that have blessed your marriage. This allows you to retain and return the favor at a later date when it’s their turn. All of these events may be uninteresting in your mind, but they will always be preserved in your guestbook. With such a crucial position, how can you overlook the wedding guestbook? Begin looking for an innovative and creative wedding guestbook and alternative now.

Services Available at Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Bride’s Wedding Packages

  • Discover our Pre Wedding, Real-time wedding services, and other wedding services at low rates. Full details available.

Wedding Planner Packages

  • Do you want to spice up your wedding with a unique and creative theme? Our experienced wedding planners can make your wedding day really memorable and special.

Wedding Photography Packages

  • Immortalize your most precious memories forever with our professional photographers and videographers. It’s possible thanks to our photographers and videographers.

Rental of Wedding Gowns

  • Choose the perfect gown from our wide selection of beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding and evening gowns from affordable to designer.