Practical Ways Save Wedding Banquet in Singapore

Practical Ways Save Wedding Banquet Singapore

How I Cut Costs On My Singapore Wedding – Including Suggestions On Venues, Favors, And Alcohol

Money-saving ideas for Singapore weddings

When I was single or dating, I took pleasure in being a minimalist when it came to weddings. I preferred either a) eloping b) having a small wedding in Bali or c) doing a quick ceremony at home with just family. Fast forward to the moment when I had a glittering stone on my finger, and I was dropped into the world of wedding planning, where I learned there was more to it than meets the eye.

“Have you sent out the wedding invites yet?” “If you want to book your venue a year in advance, it’s a good idea!” “How many gowns will you wear?”My money, it appears, was far from the only thing I needed to manage. Aside from the venue, solemnizer, and gowns, there were numerous more factors to consider – and each of them took a toll on my rapidly depleting bank balance. Unfortunately, due to the practicality of my husband-to-be and insightful pals, I didn’t get too swept up in the wedding fever, and I was able to control my impulse to spend on extras. Here are some money-saving tips that may help you save money on your Singapore wedding – all the better for an extended vacation.

Alternatively, you might offer your company as a caterer or bar service.

The typical Singaporean will tell you that alcohol is what they enjoy most about weddings. Booze is crucial in ensuring that everyone has a good time, so don’t cut corners. You can generally purchase drinks from the supermarket, a liquor supplier, or your venue straight away, but be prepared – alcohol prices tend to skyrocket after taxes, with net costs. The corkage, or fee charged by the venue for bringing in alcohol outside rather than purchasing in-house, is another budget buster. For wine, this might be as much as $35+ per bottle!

So, whenever you sign your venue contract, negotiate if this may be waived or at least reduced. Many hotels are prepared to do so, especially if your group is large. Some suppliers, on the other hand, supply delivery straight to your venue, allowing you to save time and money by not having to transport it.

Some hotels and restaurants are willing to trade them in for canapes, cash rebates, invitation cards, or even more bottles of wine, which might be a lot more useful than just throwing money away.

At your neighborhood florist, choose seasonal blooms for your wedding bouquets.

The season’s most popular varieties, like white and ivory carnations, are complemented with beautiful blooms that provide a lovely finishing touch on your big day, whether it be in the form of the wedding bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, or venue décor. The market rate from florists who frequently do weddings is:

  • $500 to over $1k for floral arches
  • $300 for floral car decor
  • $150 for bridal bouquets
  • $60 for bridesmaid bouquets
  • Groom’s boutonnieres are usually free when you get a bridal bouquet

If you don’t want to go with the well-known names, look to your neighborhood florists. I’ve discovered reasonably priced blossoms in Tampines Round Market, Kovan Market, and Soon Heng Floral in Tiong Bahru, among other places. However, if you prefer a specific florist for their design, request flowers that are in season or substitute expensive blooms with suitable alternatives. This will keep the cost of your bouquet down since certain imported and non-seasonal flowers would add to the price. In addition, consider using less expensive alternatives like foliage or all-year-round blooms such as baby’s breath, carnations, and daisies to up the fragrance in your arrangement.

Look for bridal faires or roadshows if you’re looking for things like venues, wedding dresses, or photography.

Couples who are already engaged understand that weddings generally take a few months, if not more, to plan and execute. You’ll have to finish the usual tasks such as selecting a venue, hiring a bridal studio, and choosing your photographer in the meantime. A wedding fair or roadshow may be your best choice if you want to get lower pricing.

Invitation cards for weddings: go digital with invitations and responses.

Paper expenses money. When I was thinking about paper invites to my wedding guests, this simple truth hit me. If each cost $1, that would be around $300 in costs for something most people are going to look at, adore, and then discard a few months later. As for those who requested conventional invites, I felt comfortable providing printed versions

Makeup – skip the ampoules that come with the add-on.

Many brides hire a makeup artist to make them look stunning on their big day. Many MUAs would also tell you that ampoules are required for your wedding makeup. These, like primers, are said to hydrate and aid in the longevity of your cosmetics at weddings. I’ve heard from friends who claimed that their makeup artists recommended that the ampoules they used were high-quality, European and that you shouldn’t miss out on them. The cost of a tiny tube is $30. That’s absurd! Yes, I’m sure it’ll be terrific but the price tag is off-putting. Professional makeup primers that lasted far longer and gave far more bang for your buck than ampoules for sale online were tested on me like a lady on a budget.  I used my NARS Radiance Primer, which I’d been using for a few months prior to the wedding. It produced considerably more effects than whatever it is that other people claim works instantly on a high-stakes day.

In Singapore, you can plan a low-cost wedding.

Weddings in Singapore are pricey, and while planning a wedding on a budget, saving money on each component of the day adds up. I was able to have the wedding of my dreams without breaking the bank by using these cost-cutting strategies, which gave me peace of mind about moving forward without the stress of debt.

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