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A trend-driven sparkler is lovely, but nothing beats a timeless engagement ring. These rings are classics for a reason: They’re simple and elegant in their no-nonsense style.

“Trend-driven designs are wonderful if you’re invested in the idea behind them and intend to adore them for the long haul,” jewelry designer Corina Madilian adds. “If you choose something of the moment simply because you’re currently enjoying it, you may not enjoy it later on, which is fine if you’re OK with resetting your stone.

Engagement rings that are both large and ornate are rarely seen. The following design is a good example of an engagement ring that cuts to the chase: it’s simple, elegant, and captures your attention straight away. Because you’ll be wearing your band on your finger for the rest of your life, why not choose something you will still like when “Pick from the heart,” advises Madilian. “Find a ring that you love and speaks to you. “Don’t be too concerned with the fine details of a center stone. I urge my clients to choose something they like and that they can afford, rather than focusing on what they believe they ‘should’ be buying.”

A classic engagement ring doesn’t only come from a veteran jewelry business, as you might assume. Modern designers like Anna Sheffield and Vrai offer them. Of course, you will discover a wide range of traditional engagement rings at companies like Tiffany & Co. and De Beers that will be in style for years to come. You can also build upon your custom engagement ring over time. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on an engagement ring right now, the simplest design is the way to go. Down the road, you may add a halo setting or a few more diamonds to your traditional band for added glitz.

Here are 5 examples of our favorite classic engagement rings. You’ll rave about these diamonds ’till death do you part, from round cut (the perennial favorite) to oval-shaped, emerald cut, radiant cut, and princess cut.

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Three-Stone Engagement Ring

This white solitaire ring, like the heirloom-inspired one, is topped with diamond side stones and set in 14k yellow gold. The delicacy of the band balances out the weightiness that may be felt in three-stone designs.

Beverly K Style R9425(A) Halo Engagement Ring

A diamond pavé halo frames a round diamond, which is set in a milgrain frame. The mount separates the center stone from the halo, giving it the illusion of floating. Platinum or 18k gold are available for setting the ring.

Single Stone London Ring

The emerald-cut ring, which is a three-stone design, is always popular. “The basic lines of the shank and prongs make this a classic choice for someone looking for a timeless ring,” Madilian notes. On each side, an 18k yellow gold baguette frame two diamond baguettes set in the emerald.

Monique Lhuillier Three-Stone Trio Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Monique Lhullier is the absolute authority on wedding fashion, so it’s only fitting she created an engagement ring. With a diamond main stone surrounded by diamond side stones and a platinum band completely encrusted with micropavé diamonds, the ring is a direct reflection of her couture creations.

Christopher Designs Crisscut Cushion Engagement Ring

A cushion-cut diamond is framed by a pavé halo and has a lovely shape and shine. A cushion-cut diamond is encircled by a pavé halo here, adding to the design’s overall cleanliness. The mounting sits on an 18k white gold channel setting.

What to Look for When Selecting a Classic Engagement Ring


While some cuts come and go, others will always be timeless. Because of their adaptability and beauty, round-cut diamonds will never become out of fashion. In the same way, an oval cut is classic. Emerald cuts, while more dramatic, still make a statement that will last a long time. Over time, trendier cuts such as a marquise or an Asscher cut may become out of style.


If you’re going for a traditional appearance, a solitaire setting is the way to go. However, a timeless engagement ring does not have to be dull. A variety of settings may be used to complement your main stone, such as pavé or halo patterns.


The four 4Cs of diamond purchasing are cut , color, clarity, and carat. It’s critical to choose a reputable jeweler who can collaborate with you to select a ring that has all of those characteristics. If you’re buying an engagement ring online, be sure your stone is authentic and that the seller provides a certificate of authentication to guarantee its quality.